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Watch as 10 ordinary people from all over the country tackle the intensely polarizing issue of Immigration.

Will they be able to make it through to Common Ground?  

Or will they flag out and reach an impasse? 


Commentators Round 1


About the Commentators

In every episode, professional pundits and celebrity guests commentate on the discussion. In this episode, popular cable news pundits, Jess Phoenix and Julio Rivera are featured.  


In the next episode, David Grasso of Bold TV and frequent liberal cable news contributor, Jess Phoenix will debate and commentate  on the issue of Gun Control. 


     Round 2

Round 1

"Green Means Go"

  Round 1-2

 "The Art of Flagging"

Round 2 of the Immigration Debate

                             Round 2-1

"Where has your

 humanity gone?"

Stay tuned for more clips from this episode. 

Round 2-2

"Just the Facts Ma'am"

*Game Rules displayed in this episode are basic starter rules to help people learn to play the game.  Extended rules apply to the app and all other episodes. 


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